GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

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Děti / Kids

Kid's Creations I. – The Price of Wickedness (Drama)

Ade and Mercy were course mates and at the same time lovers. They finished from school and got married. So two years later she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. But unfortunately she died after delivery, but before she died, she told her husband Ade to promise to marry another wife so that their daughter won't be lonely without a mother.

Eight years later, Ade married a new wife, she was called Moyo. Moyo was so unfair and wicked to Ade's daughter Tayo. Tayo was so beautiful and respectful. Everyone in Ade's town liked Tayo. This made Moyo very jealous. Moyo's daughter Mary was very rude and wicked to Tayo while Moyo's son Ore was kind and respectful to Tayo. Tayo was made as a slave in her father's house, but she still did the right thing.

Tayo had to stop school, because of Moyo's wickedness. Because of the love that Ade had for Tayo, Mayo had to go to a quack doctor with her wicked friend Bola. Bola hated Tayo so much because of her beauty. The quack doctor gave her a charm. She put the charm into Ade's food and he died. That was how life was hard to Tayo.

The property left behind by Ade was willed to Tayo and her siblings, but 70 % of the property was willed to Tayo. Moyo went to the quack doctor and filed him to make her mad, not knowing that the time the madness spell was about to be casted on Tayo. She went for a vigil at the church not informing anybody. Immediately the spell came and immediately went back to Moyo. That was how she went mad and there was no cure. She died a mad person and Tayo, Ore and Mary lived happily together.

Holiday Program in Ikeja, author Hannah (15 years)

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