GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

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Dojmy / Impressions

First Impressions from Lagos

Finally here! After the long flight from Frankfurt with a stop in Casablanca, we have arrived to Lagos. We are tired after the sleepless night, but already the first day is full of impressions and experiences.

Everything works just fine. All our luggage arrives and we are getting a stamp in our passports. We are bit afraid to walk through the customs, because we have so many bags, but the …. are friendly and welcome us to Nigeria. Like all the other people that we meet during the day. People from our organization meet us in front of the airport. We load all the bags in a microbus and drive through Lagos to Ikeja – our quarter and home for the next three months. We move in a little room and just crash on the mattress and sleep. Nigeria is giving us a very warm welcome – power goes out and the fan stops working, the heat is getting uncomfortable and we sweat in our sleep.

Ade, our co-worker from Search and Groom, who is taking care of us, leads us to the office. It is a short walk down our street, and then we turn right. We are happy that the Internet works here, but it does not work anymore when the power goes out again. My phone does not work here; my email address does not work here. At least facebook works, so I shortly write home, that we have arrived safely. Ade explains what our task would be; we are supposed to prepare a week long program of activities for children.

We meet so many people through the day – colleagues, neighbors, their friends – we are not able to keep track of who is who, everybody looks the same. We have rice with beef and salad for lunch and drink Sprite. We buy bread and jam for breakfast – nothing exotic. But the exotic food comes in the evening when we sit in a small pub. Here we get to try the very local food – Catfish (fish with a spicy sauce) and Glizzard (mix of cow parts and vegetables with spices). And for a drink I am getting delicious French red wine. It is pleasantly warm and windy.

Before that we manage a quick shower – we use bowls to pour water over us. We hang our mosquito net above our mattress and spray ourselves with a repellent. But I haven’t seen a mosquito yet. Our air condition is repaired during the afternoon and the power comes back on in the evening, so we are able to fall asleep in a nicely cold room.  ……  Good night and sweet dreams!

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