GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

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Dojmy / Impressions

(Un)fulfilled Expectations

I came to Lagos with many expectations on how the place and life there will be. Some things I've read in the guidebook, some things I've seen on the news, some things I've heard from people who were here last year, some fears have been reinforced by friends. That formed a clear image of the place I was heading to.

I expected to spend three months eating nothing more than some sort of porridge with of indifferent taste and color, sometimes with few pieces of meat added in the mix. I thought that the best food ever will be represented by instant soup bought in Germany. Reality is a bit different. I have toast with jam for breakfast, I drink yoghurt milk, coffee or tee. I can have rice with meat and salad, if I am willing to pay more then even barbecued chicken with French fries. And of course variety of the local meals. Whole pineapple is refreshing dessert and for snack I can have amazing balls baked from doughnut dough with or without egg, bread filled with meat mix or real doughnuts. Coke and Sprite is available in every shop or pub. Variety of food is simply great.


I expected that I would be afraid to walk on the street alone. I am not afraid. The biggest risk on the street constitutes of cars and bikes that drive fast and horn loudly. But there is no problem if I walk on the side of the street and simply pay attention when crossing. People are nice, shop owners are helpful. We of course can not walk alone at night, but Lagos is not the only city in the world with such as precaution.


I expected that I would have to use the repellent all the time against the packs of mosquitoes flying around me and that I would be constantly afraid of getting malaria. So far I've seen them once in the evening. I thought there would be various little creatures running around my room. It is true that the two big orange beetles that live in drawer in the kitchen almost gave me heart attack when I saw them for the first time, but my room is very clean and just the two of us girls live there.


I bought an umbrella at the train station before leaving, because I thought I won't be able to survive without it here. It is supposed to be the rain period here. It rained yesterday at night for the first time. I thought it would be unbearably hot and sunny, but it is cloudy and the temperature doesn't go over comfortable 30°C. My sun protection cream lies forgotten in my bag. In the guidebook they said that it is hard to buy here a shampoo, cream or other products. In the shop at our street they have everything. The question remains how much it would cost.


I expected that we will be bored here and instead of that we don't know what to do first. It is not so easy to prepare a week long summer camp. My days in the girl scouts and the times when I knew so many games and activities are long gone, so it goes slower. But about work I will tell you maybe the next time.


It started to rain few minutes after I had finished writing this article and it didn't stop till the evening. At some moments it was pouring the real tropical rain. And I also got mosquito bites. So it might be coming anyway.          

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