GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

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Dojmy / Impressions

White Tourists on Lunch Break :)

Again there was no power which also means no internet in the office. So when we used the whole available capacity of our laptop batteries we decided to go for a walk and grab some lunch on the way. Somehow, we found ourselves entering quite luxury restaurant on the main street.

It felt like entering into totally new world, so different from the hot and busy street outside. Several waitresses were waiting by the door for customers that never came, for the hour we spent in the restaurant we were the only customers. The air condition managed to get the temperature inside to 16°C. We could choose from variety of glass-steel tables, high chairs or comfortable soft sofas. We ordered overpriced chicken with fries and relaxed in our chairs while watching music clips on the huge plasma TVs that decorated the walls.

All the fun began when our waitress brought the bill. The total price was about 1000 Naira higher than it was supposed to be. For a while I considered letting it be, but then I decided to argue. I asked her for the menu card and showed the waitress that there was quite a difference between the prices on the bill and on the card. „That is an old menu card, the prices are higher now,“ she said. „This is a price for a meal, but we now count all the parts separately.” She began to list through the pages and was trying to show me where she got the price from.


After while she realized that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get the price that was written on the bill. „There must have been a mistake,“ she said, „I will bring you a new receipt.“ Half an hour later, after she discussed the situation with all her colleagues, she brought new bill with a correct price and the menu card. „Look,“ she said, „this is the new menu card with new prices. But because you haven't seen it, we can't charge you this price.” The new menu card was simply created by taking a pencil and overwriting the prices. We pay and leave not only with full bellies, but also very amused by what had just happened.

Back in the office we tell our colleagues what happened. „You are smart,” says Ade, “it's great that you didn't allow then to cheat you. You are white, so they think you are tourists and try to get more money out of you.” „I might be white, but that doesn't mean I am stupid,” I conclude and laugh over our amusing experience. “Is this Nigeria”, I ask myself, “people trying to make money out of tourists?” Not really. It's quite possible that American tourist could have the same experience in Czech restaurant. Who knows…?
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