GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

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Děti / Kids

Kid's Creations III. – My Future (Presentation)

Jordan, he is little, but hardworking. He loves using at least four hours to do exercises. Adebayo as it implies, he loves to play football just like Emmanuel Adebayo. Adesanya is a fan of music. He loves singing and listening to music. Kingsley has a passion for various sporting activity, so if he was ever given the chance, he would love to be a very good sports man. Kelechi has way of life and his choice of style makes people see him as future messi. With the help of people and support of community, he is aspiring to be great.

Fuad is stylish and he loves fashion. If his parents are at unity, he would be helped and become great. Friday is very determined and with more seriousness, he would be helped. Right from watching Toyos, you would have seen that he is an untapped talent. Maria is a stylish player who I can see that in some few years time she would be better than Matha of Brazil. Nimota is strong, there are few of her kind in this country a great potential for the future.¨

The entertainment industry is still looking for someone like Esther and when they get her, they will know a talent has being gotten. Saheed is a great potential of Nigeria, he is a great footballer and a great leader who needs a great teacher to give him extra morale and with this he would be a great person in the world. Oshinoya is a girl with beautiful talent and loves to be with the Internet to gather information.

I would love to say this group's players are of special kind and they love the sport football, they are also ready to use it to earn a living and be of great importance to this country and this generation and the following ones. In all we help our parents at home and we are good children to them. That is why they have given us the support to realize our potentials as becoming this great football club. With your help and support we will be of great importance to the nation and the world at large.

Holiday Program in Ikorodu, The „Nonso Babes“ Group

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