GLEN Lagos Nigérie 2010

* * * * * * * * * * * * povídání a fotky z tříměsíční GLEN stáže v Lagosu * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * stories and pictures from a three-month internship in Lagos * * * * * * * *

English section

It is almost noon and instead of enjoying planned trip to the Gurara Falls we are still standing in a horrible heat at a side of a road somewhere on the outskirts of Abuja. For the last two hours we have been waiting here for a taxi or bus to pick us up. All the buses coming from the right direction are totally full, the same goes for the taxis. They say there is a traffic jam in the city and all of the buses and taxis are there and can not come here. Finally John manages to persuade a neighbor to take us by car to the waterfall for quite a sum of money and we can start.

I have never had as many marriage offers as here in Nigeria. And I don’t even have to try hard to get one. It is simple enough. All I have to do is to walk down our street. Men stop me all the time. „Hi, how are you?” It begins every time the same way. Only the amount of conversation after which the proposal comes differs. And it ends differently as well. Sometimes it is just funny, sometimes the men is acts as if he is hurt and sometimes the end might be close to a tragedy.

Abuja has been the country’s capital city only since 1991 when the federal institutions were moved here from Lagos. Abuja was chosen for its strategic location in the center of the country as well as for its ethnical neutrality. The city was artificially built and as a result the streets are wide and the huge distances force the visitor to jump from taxi to cab in order to move around. Impressive buildings and their unfinished constructions line the boulevards. Luxury villas are part of the embassies quarters. Pleasantly surprising is the quantity of green areas and parks and the amount of free space in comparison to Lagos, where all the space is used.

As the distance of the centers where we should implement our holiday program grows, the enthusiasm and commitment of our colleagues declines. The idea of traveling through the whole city by bus is unbearable for them. On the first day, they manage to survive the two hours long journey with three changes of buses, but after it is over, they suggest we really try to find a car for tomorrow, because it is simply too much of stress for them.

My country

At the mention of my countries name

Other countries hide in fear

At the sight of it’s citizens

Others are nowhere near

Scene 1 - At home

Mother: Are you not going to school?

Helen: Hmm, mom I am tired, I don't feel like going to school today.

Mother: Harsh. (Shouting)

Helen: Dressing up.

We all live in an urban area where there are lower rates of educated or literate people and a higher rate of illiterates, most of which are found under the bridges, streets and uncompleted buildings. Furthermore, we live in a one-room apartment where we are ten in numbers with different people from different tribes and religion. Always doing their things differently, that is picking up a fight or quarrel where these is none and should be minding their own business.

Jordan, he is little, but hardworking. He loves using at least four hours to do exercises. Adebayo as it implies, he loves to play football just like Emmanuel Adebayo. Adesanya is a fan of music. He loves singing and listening to music. Kingsley has a passion for various sporting activity, so if he was ever given the chance, he would love to be a very good sports man. Kelechi has way of life and his choice of style makes people see him as future messi. With the help of people and support of community, he is aspiring to be great.

Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. This is the Johnson's family. They live in a small crib and they are farmers around the village. They live happily and they have three children. The first born is John, he loves hunting. The second born is Helen, she loves going to the farm and the third born is Victor, he wants to become a great footballer.

Ade and Mercy were course mates and at the same time lovers. They finished from school and got married. So two years later she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. But unfortunately she died after delivery, but before she died, she told her husband Ade to promise to marry another wife so that their daughter won't be lonely without a mother.